Visually Sound Solutions

Calibration Service

Kaurus have accumulated more than 40 years of experience with film, film scanning and the very demanding environment of the Post Production and Production world. We understand the demands placed on our clients to not only offer the correct solution but to ensure that it performs to specification.

Making sure that the projector or screen is not only specified correctly but is calibrated to suit the business in which it is installed

The film and TV world is constantly evolving, improving and moving goal posts as new formats and display technology capabilities emerge with greater dynamic range, bigger colour gamuts and the ability to have a more finite control over these with the right tools.

We are also able to ensure that the Medical world is served by understanding and not only offering correctly specified Dicom equipment but looking after its alignment as an ongoing exercise.

Calibration Equipment Supply

Whether you need rec709 for a HDTV display or P3 for the DCI environment, we can help you to take control in house, supplying you with the right measurement equipment and software for your environment.

HDTV or DCI Environment